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We are creating a software platform for enabling a profitable "charge sharing" between Electric Vehicles

The two main issues for Electric Vehicles mass adoption?

Range Anxiety and high EVs Purchasing Prices: Given current long recharging times, fixed charging stations are not sufficient for "range anxiety"; and lower prices are needed for EVs mass adoption.

Stop, relax, and just use the ShargeMe App

Our solution is about creating an online marketplace where EVs Owners can use an App for finding each in real time in order to Resell a part of their "battey charge" to other EVs for an agreed price and percentage.

Making money by solving range anxiety

By enabling Electric Vehicles Owners to resell part of their battey charge to other EVs we are surrounding people with recharging sources everywhere: EVs making money by reselling their Energy


Check out how ShargeMe will work

ShargeMe will solve and beautifully evolve the concept of Electric Recharge by giving EVs owners the possibility to ReSell an agreed percentage of their unutilized battery charge to other electric vehicles who want to increase their battery level.


ShargeMe, a profitable "charge sharing" between Electric Vehicles (V2V).

All started during a summer when we were exploring Silicon Valley in California and one of our best projects that we wanted to bring to life was about Electric Vehicles: We were absolutely fascinated about how much Green Mobility was mature in the San Francisco Bay area and along all the Valley...

our Startup ShargeMe Team

Some of us are still in "stealth mode", but we assure you that they are absolutely outstanding.

Graduated in Economics and Management of Innovation, attended 2 years of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering for Electronics and Telecommunications, 16+ years job experience in Electronics for Telco;
39 years old, in 2009 developed a gaming App on the facebook platform reaching almost 1 million unique users in 5 days.

She has attended an artistic High School and she has quite 10 years experience as Assembler for high quality printed circuit boards for the most advanced technologies; Sabrina is very skilled in creative thinking and problem solving, and thanks to her skills we have achieved a Social Media Community of 1000000+ Followers.

Computer Science Student and passionate about Tech, he is very skilled both from a technical point of view and most of all he has also a set of soft skills that makes him the perfect Manager to coordinate our Engineering Team when ShargeMe will start to scale globally and therefore increase its tech department.

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Borgo Teresiano
Trieste, Italy 34100

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